From Malaysia to Belgium — My journey as a digital nomad

An Unexpected Opportunity via Twitter

One day, I received a direct message on Twitter from an individual who had been watching my online profiles. He indicated that my skills matched what his company was looking for and that they were interested in hiring me.

The Road to Silicon Valley

The opportunity in the US opened up many new avenues. As a freelance consultant, I was now able to start my own enterprise company in Malaysia which then led me to attend numerous conferences and connect with countless different people from around the world, including individuals from Silicon Valley and the startup scene.

Long term career in SEO & Marketing

Now in case you are interested in learning more about what it is that I do that enables me to work and travel as I have, I am an SEO Specialist. If you have read my past blog posts here, you should already know what it is but in case you are new, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Being an SEO Specialist means I help companies rank higher in online searches. For example if you are in the business of selling vacuum cleaners, and you need my help, I will come in and advise you on what kind of content or blog you may need to write on your website, what other websites you need to associate with to get a mention from them and other strategies on raising your rankings in Google. The idea is to increase your online reputation as a top vacuum cleaner dealership and in turn, translate that into a higher number of leads and sales.

Digital Nomad: Work & Travel

If it has been your dream to work and travel at the same time, bear in mind that there is actual work involved. Even if you are able to log on to your Zoom meetings from a beach somewhere on a tropical island, you might also have to log in to a Zoom meeting or reply to an email at three o’clock in the morning where you are. This may lead to lots of power naps in between video calls, as evident in this post . Napping is indeed a business strategy.

Freelance Technical SEO Consultant. Previously @Zapier @Monster. Internet ninja. Food lover. Certified introvert. Music advocate. World Traveler.

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Asad Zulfahri

Asad Zulfahri

Freelance Technical SEO Consultant. Previously @Zapier @Monster. Internet ninja. Food lover. Certified introvert. Music advocate. World Traveler.

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