As you may have already noticed, I started writing blogs based on weekly discussions recorded on Clubhouse. In the past weeks we have discussed experiences and managerial-related topics but this week was slightly different.

We opened a room to discuss if money brings you happiness and soon we had a lot of other speakers chime in with their two cents. It was interesting to see that most people agreed that having some sort of wealth does buy one’s happiness to a certain extent. However, we also heard from people who disagreed.

There is a saying that it is more…

These days, it is not uncommon to hear people use the term digital nomad. When you check the social media postings of a digital nomad, you will discover envy-worthy photos featuring a well traveled person who appears to be enjoying life without having to work.

So what exactly is a digital nomad and how are they financing this lifestyle?

Somewhere between five and six years ago, I was employed by an American company that operates 100% remotely. Their work culture was such that it does not matter where in the world their employees are, or what time their employees…

The location of your workplace in the world plays a big role in determining your work experience. From allowances to co-worker relationships, there are as many differences as there are similarities.

Today we will look into the pros and cons of working with Asian and Western companies.

Unfortunately being yelled at by an employer or employee is a possibility in Asian workplaces. Shouting matches are counter-productive because it only adds fuel to the fire instead of unearthing solutions. Emotional maturity is still in its infancy within the Asian work culture with mindfulness seminars slowly gaining momentum.

That said, some…

As a client, you are often faced with the choice of either hiring an agency or a freelancer. In today’s post, we will dive deep into the pros and cons of hiring an agency or a freelancer.

Agencies have a lot of experience from dealing with many clients from various industries and it goes without saying that they also have a set of proven frameworks. It can be said that agencies are experts in targeting your specific needs as a client.

Larger agencies can cater to you using different levels of skills amongst their staff. Hiring agencies also helps…

In this post, I will be sharing the second part of last week’s post about being an efficient manager. If last week we discussed a lot about the manager’s role, this week, we will touch more on how employees can benefit from a manager’s efficiency.

One of the important things a manager should have as a personality is being approachable. An approachable manager makes employees more comfortable about opening up and once that is achieved, you as a manager will find managing your team or department, a much smoother ride.

An employee will naturally want management to think that…

In this day and age, many of us can be found chasing a managerial position at work but not all of us are fully prepared to fulfill the role. It is definitely one of those things that appear easier than they actually are. Unfortunately the result of hiring an ill prepared manager is a lack of productivity which can affect the entire organization.

In today’s post, I will share with you some valuable tips and pointers which I have had the privilege of learning from many companies over the years.

To begin with, there are two types of managers…

My journey to where I currently am in life right now is paved with wonderful experiences. In today’s post, I would like to share with you my story, my motivations, and what I have learned so far.

Starting at the very beginning, I was interested in the internet while still in primary school. I owned my first computer at the age of 10 and immediately got down to learning how to build websites. That first encounter was what introduced me to creating content that would translate into a ranking for search engines. From writing blogs, I discovered ways of…

Everyone needs to do SEO but some may only have minimal resources to work with. Good news! You don’t need a big team to have good SEO. Take if from someone who’s done SEO for companies from the startup stage to Enterprise. I’ll share strategies that can help you improve how you run an SEO… Read More »Hacking SEO: Simplest Changes, Maximum Impact

Everyone needs to do SEO but some may only have minimal resources to work with. Good news! You don’t need a big team to have good SEO. Take if from someone who’s done SEO for companies from the startup stage to Enterprise. I’ll share strategies that can help you improve how you run an SEO & Marketing campaigns. In this presentation, I’ll cover the following 4 main areas of:

  • Team Management
  • Surround Sound SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO Toolbox

Presenter notes from my deck at the HubSpot User Group KL Q3 2020. …

TLDR? I use Legal Monster for cookie consents and have created a simple solution to enable tracking for users worldwide except for Europe. You can find the full code on my GitHub repo: Legal Monster Consent non-EU bypass

As a digital marketer, user tracking & analytics is important in my line of work. Personally, I consider the ePrivacy, GDPR, and other similar privacy laws as government overreach. The spirit of the law is good but the specific and mostly confusing legal language is simply a joke.

It was intended to protect users’ privacy, and I get that. However, with the…

Remote teams are future-proofed teams. Many businesses have been forced to adapt to remote work practically overnight due to COVID-19, while others already made the pivot intentionally in previous years.

Regardless of where your business falls on that spectrum, the benefits of remote work mean it’s only going to become more common and advantageous for teams to work remotely.

Although we have our PieSync HQ in Ghent, Belgium, we’ve been transitioning to remote-first hiring processes. This is especially true in our marketing team, which has been distributed across Europe, Asia, and North and South America in the last year.


Asad Zulfahri

Freelance Technical SEO Consultant. Previously @Zapier @Monster. Internet ninja. Food lover. Certified introvert. Music advocate. World Traveler.

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